Area 419 Arcalock Lever Clamp

$ 119.99

Brand: Area 419


Area 419 is always looking for ways to improve existing products, and has once again set the bar with this new 3-position lever-release Arcalock Clamp.

Since its release in 2018, ARCALOCK has been an industry-standard for fast, solid lockup between rifles and accessories. Now Area 419 is adding more options and versatility to that mounting with the QD Arcalock Clamp.


  • 3-position reversible lever arm, milled from stainless steel, allowing you to choose between clamped, sliding, and fall-off.
  • Steel adjustment knob, built for many years of reliable use
  • Compatibility with existing accessories using 17S mounting footprint (Atlas and Thunderbeast Products, Two-Vets Tripids, Harris Bipod Adapter Kits, etc) NOTE: Not compatible with RCX Gen 2, the lever cannot fully actuate. Be on the lookout for Gen 3.
  • Removable ARCALOCK pins, allowing for use with any ARCA rail
  • 100% Made in America
  • Clamp directly bolts to Atlas Bipods using their factory hardware
  • Harris Bipod adapter can be found here.
  • Picatinny rail adapter that can be bolted to the clamp for use with other bipods can be found here.
  • Clamp is backwards compatible with standard ARCA rails by removing the two pins, and will still work this way to give you infinite sliding adjustment on the ARCALOCK rail.