We get a lot of questions asked, so here are some of the most popular ones with answers.

Q: Do you have an item in stock? (#1 question of all time)

A: YES! We understand that there are many websites who take your money and then make you wait an indefinite amount of time since they did not have the item truly in stock. Our website is constantly updated to be as accurate with inventory as humanly possible, assuring you that we do have the items listed to be able to ship. If there is ever an error with that (less than 1% of the time), we will contact you ASAP and let you know the full story and offer you all options including a full refund on the item of course.


Q: If I order today, when should I expect to get my order?

A: We ship out each day Monday-Friday (Holidays excluded), and shipping cutoff currently is 3 PM Central Time Zone, with shipping out the same weekday. All packages are sent out via USPS or UPS with tracking, and in most cases you are looking at a delivery time of 2-4 days for Priority Mail or UPS or 3-7 days for Economy Mail Ground depending on where you are at in the USA. UPS 2nd Day Air is also an option, although like all USPS Ground and Priority Mail, there unfortunately is no longer an absolute guarantee of that timing.


Q: I have a match coming up in just a few days and I was hoping to have the gear by then. Is that possible?

A: Well, the last thing that we want to do is to put you in a tight spot for an upcoming competition or hunt. We also recommend strongly getting gear ahead of time so you can get used to the operation of it before game day. That said, if you think that you need something faster that above mentioned, then please contact us first through email .We can possibly work something out to expedite things or even send it to a match facility or hunting lodge if need be. We will always try our best with that.


Q: My tracking shows that my package should have arrived today but is not here yet. Is there something wrong?

A: Sometimes USPS does have minor hiccups just like any other shipping method. In general they are quite good or we would seek other methods. However at times you may see that your package was due today, and the tracking still says out for delivery, or in transit. Just give it a day or two usually, and if it does not show up please feel free to email us right away.


Q: My tracking says that my package is delivered, but I do not see it. What is the story?

A: We have even run into where package tracking says delivered, but the customer has not received the item as of yet. We would suggest to give it another day, and if  at all possible, ask your Postman who delivers to you if he or she knows what the story is on the package. Sometimes they think that your neighbor wanted some new cool shooting gear instead! Again, simple, honest mistakes are still possible with anyone. If that does not get cleared up in a day or two please email us and we will help you out.


Q: I have tried to make a purchase,  but your website does not like my credit card. Is there something I can do about this?

A: Sometimes our credit card processing just does not like a card for some reasons, be it a discrepancy in address, number error, a credit card from outside the US, or what have you. The first thing we would suggest is to just try another card. We take Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. If that does not work, please contact us by email directly and we can help you further with this.


Q: I live outside the USA. Can you ship to my country?

A: We ship to many countries around the world. We may even have a dealer in your country. Check out our International Dealer Page Here. If you don't find what you need through there, then we would suggest to contact us by email first to check on if we ship to your country. Note: We cannot ship any “Hard Goods” outside of the USA. Meaning anything solid that mounts to a rifle or rifle accessory. “Soft Goods” like anything made out of fabric (IE: Two Round Holder and shooting bags) are generally OK. Again, just email us your product needs and we will help as best as possible.


Q: I just shot at a rifle match and I was lucky enough to pick up a SAP gift certificate! How do I redeem that?

A: Conratulations! You scored! Just send us an email along with a quick pic of your certificate and the details on the products on there like the color or size, along with your ship to address. We will get back to you with confirmation on receiving the certificate redemption.


Q: I just placed an order today and I wanted to add another item or two. Is this possible?

A: Yes. As long as you are on the same side of the mail run cutoff (Monday-Friday 3PM Central time), we will combine the orders and issue you a credit back to your card initiated on the following day for the lesser shipping charge of your two orders. Please email us if you have any questions on that.


Q: I live in the US and I am in the Military (Active or Discharged) or in Law Enforcement. Do you give a discount?

A: Here at SAP we proudly support our Mil personnel and LEO’s out there, and wish to help when we can. We can give you a 15% rebate back on any SAP Brand Gear item if you put a note on your order or send us an email letting us know that status. The credit will be issued the following day in most cases. You will need to take care of this within a week of purchase as we don't retroactively apply credits to older orders. Mil/LE discount does not apply to special sale items. Wiebad SAP Edition items are not SAP Brand, just special fill by us.


Q: I live in the US and I am a First Responder (Fire Department, EMT, etc.) Do you give a discount?

A: Unfortunately we don't have a program to cover these people although we have a great deal of respect for them!


Q: I ordered a part, but it is not the correct part. Can you help?

A: Yes, we can definitely help. First thing to do is to email us with the details as soon as possible. As long as the part is in new and unused condition, we will gladly take it back and exchange it for the correct part or refund if you need. That goes for even if you have ordered a part incorrectly on your end. That is not a problem here.


Q: I want to but a Two Round Holder from you guys, but I shoot a caliber that I do not see listed on your site. Can you help with advising on which one I need for my application?

A: That is not a problem. The easy answer is that the Regular Two Rounder works for cartridges with a case size from .450” - .550”. The Magnum Two Rounder will work for cartridges .550” - .800”. If you have a cartridge right on the line between the two, I would typically go for the Regular Two Rounder for a little better retention.


Q: I want to order a sling, but I am not sure of the terminations needed. How do I know what I need?

A: There is a picture on our SAP Sling Page that shows what the different sling terminations look like. The most popular option are the flush cup swivels. If your rifle does not have those currently, we also have options for adding those to your rifle on our Sling Gear Page. If you wish to use the sling on two rifles with different terminations on each, we also have different sling terminations and quick adapters that are made to make the change between platforms easier for you found on our Sling Gear Page.


Q: I recently purchased a SAP Run n’ Gun or Lightweight bag and it seems very full or stiff. Is this normal?

A: Yes, absolutely. We use more lightweight fill per cubic inch than any other bags on the market. The very important reason for this is that from our experience with lightweight bags over the last few years, the filling will always break down inside to a certain point. Many bag manufacturers put in “just the right amount of fill” to start with and the big issue with that is that it will only get smaller and more floppy from there. Some end up looking like a sad pancake. So, by starting full and fat, the bags break in to the proper size instead of needing to be replaced or refilled after a few months of use. We strongly recommend breaking in your RnG or Lightweight bag first before usage by beating up on it a bit. You will not hurt them, they are double wall construction. Ultimately you want to have a bag that you can bend in the middle which will allow you a super low height rear bag when needed or a front bag that better conforms to what you are resting the fore end on. There is a Video that explains that more.

Q: I have a (fill in the blank) scope. Do you have a SwitchView lever for my application?

A: Quite possibly. The first thing to do would be to check out our SwitchView Application Page to see if your scope is listed on there. If not, next step would be to measure your scope's magnification ring with a caliper to see what size it is. Our levers all have a size range in inches as well to help matching them up. At that point if you have any questions please feel free to email us with the specifics on what you have and we will do our best to help you with that.