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Without Warning TMB Gen 2.5

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Brand: Without Warning

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The Gen 2.5 TMB

This is the new self-timing 4 port muzzle brake with barrel tuner from Without Warning. 

This four-port 45-degree self-timing, directional muzzle brake has an integrated 24-position, adjustable and locking harmonic barrel tuner, and simply threads onto your muzzle like every other self-timing muzzle brake on the market currently. The tuner body fits over the barrel and requires no modification to barrel (except for straight taper barrels).

The TMB (Tuner Muzzle Brake) and it’s locking barrel tuner allows you to tune the harmonic vibrations of your barrel to work with your ammo, rather than the other way round. This is a relatively new concept for most modern precision rifle shooters, but one that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

They also feature the best recoil reduction in the industry.

The latest testing done by Without Warning claims that the following brakes had ‘x amount’ more recoil than the TMB; APA Fat bastard Gen3 19% more recoil, Area419 Hellfire Match 30% more recoil, APA Little bastard Gen3 33% more recoil, Area419 Sidewinder 34% more recoil, EC Tuner brake 40% more recoil.

Generation 2 changes include:

More thread options now possible due to change in diameter of threaded interface between brake a jam nut, removed top ports, tweaked side ports to compensate for removal of top ports, tuner moved closer to muzzle for more influential movements of the tuner, new re-designed spline-drive tool, swappable/upgradable caliber change inserts added, as well as other manufacturing and back of house changes.

These Tuner Muzzle Brakes are made from 303 Stainless Steel, and come with either chemical electropolished finish (polished stainless steel finish) or plasma nitrided and then Diamond-like Carbon coated (chemically inert matte black finish).

These fit contours up to and including Benchmark VCC contour barrels with a standard 5/8×24 UNEF 3A threaded muzzle and up to 0.75 inches of thread engagement. (VCC contour is 1.05 inches in diameter, 1 inch behind the shoulder) Will not fit threads that have been matched by a gunsmith to another muzzle brake’s 5/8×24 UNEF 2A threads. (Do not do this, it limits your compatibility with other products, not just ours.)

Works with all .308 cartridges equivalent to 300 PRC and smaller. Not magnum rated higher than 300 PRC.

Comes with torque wrench compatible spline-drive tool for installation and hex tool for 8-32 set screws. (Torque muzzle brake to 25 ft-lbs and tuner set screws to 10-20 in-lbs if you never want it to come loose during a match or hunt.)

Replaceable and upgradable caliber change inserts. Change your muzzle brake from .264 to .308 at home in minutes with a vise, hammer and punch instead of buying a new muzzle brake. Inserts are precision machined from pre-hardened AISI 4140 Alloy Steel

1 inch diameter muzzle brake, 1.58 inch diameter barrel tuner, device totals 4.4 inches in length and adds 2.9 inches to barrel length. TMB total weight is 12 ounces.

Patent pending design with no nonsense lifetime warranty. 

NOT Rated for Long Action Magnum Calibers