Wiebad Modular Behemoth Pillow

$ 72.00

Brand: Wiebad

The NEW Modular Behemoth Pillow offers all the position building qualities of the Pump Pillow, but in MEGA size with a zipper design to allow you to fill it yourself. That allows the flexibility of controlling how much and what kind of fill is in the bag. The fill options for this bag are limitless. You could stuff a Pump Pillow in there and still have room for 4 modular bags, or you can stuff your rain gear or sweatshirt in there. You could even use just the Wiebad individual inner bags, up to 9 for the Modular Behemoth. I like to stuff a Modular Pump pillow in there, a SAP Run n' Gun bag, rain gear, sweatshirt, hot or cold weather extra gear, cleaning rags, etc. My pack has never been so uncluttered, since my mega support pillow does the storage for me. It is also great for travel, as you can unzip it and stow the inner gear elsewhere!

Note: Inner Bags Not Included - They Can Be Found Here

ITW Tac-Link Carabiner Optional

  • 12" Tether Strap
  • 1000 Denier Cordura Construction
  • Modular Pump Pillow Shell Weight - 7.5 oz
  • Dimensions 16" x 9" x 7"
  • Made in USA