SPUHR Unimount

$ 475.00

Brand: SPUHR

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The SPUHR Unimount is an extremely sturdy one piece scope mount, with a built-in level and 45-degree split of the rings to provide an unobstructed view of your scope knobs. The one piece design is ultra durable with heavy recoil and rough handling of your rifle, keeping your zero from shifting and your scope secure. Comes with the SPUHR tool for exact and proper leveling your scope in the Unimount while mounting to your rifle. The Unimounts all include a bubble level on the rear that is viewable from the shooter's position to prevent canting the rifle on longer shots.

SP-3001 - 30mm 1.18" High 0 MOA
SP-3002 - 30mm 1.50" High 0 MOA

SP-4011 - 34mm 1.10" High 0 MOA
SP-4001C - 34mm 1.18" High 0 MOA - Gen III
SP-4002C - 34mm 1.50" High 0 MOA - Gen III

SP-5001 - 35mm 1.18" High 0 MOA
SP-5002 - 35mm 1.50" High 0 MOA

SP-6001 - 36mm 1.18" High 0 MOA
SP-6002 - 36mm 1.50" High 0 MOA

NOTE: 4011 is not for use with scopes like S&B 5-25 and 3-20, the Kahles k624i, or Vortex Razor as the erector housing will hit the bridge between the rings. It works fine with Bushnells and S&B 3-12 and 4-16. Use the 4001 for those scopes if a low mount is desired.

  • One piece mount prevents scope movement
  • Comes with perfect scope level tool for mounting
  • 45 degree rings give best visibility to scope knobs
  • Built in anti-cant bubble level
  • 7075 Aluminum Construction
  • Sealed hardcoat finish
  • Made in Sweden

Installation Manual