Sidewinder/Python Dope Card Holder

$ 29.99

Brand: Sidewinder Industries

The Sidewinder DOPE Card holder is an awesome solution to keeping your ballistic data right where you can see it easily, and without having to come off the rifle! When those seconds count, see your data come ups or holds in an instant and get those shots! It has a flexible arm that allows for many positions, and can't be harmed by banging into trees or barricades and such. The Sidewinder attaches anywhere you like on the rifle with the supplied Velcro mounting option or the Python style that wraps around your scope.

The Sidewinder comes supplied with ten blank data cards, and they are standard business card size as well. You can also just insert a white card and use a dry/wet erase marker on the clear film layer. It cleans up with alcohol or hand sanitizer. 

The new updated Sidewinder Double has a clear plastic construction that allows you to put a dope card facing each way so you can have 2 quick reference cards easily available in one holder just by spinning it around. The all plastic is also a bit more weather proof as well for wet shooting conditions.