Send iT - MV3 S90 SPUHR Mount

$ 60.00

Brand: Long Range Arms

The New MV3 series Send iT SPUHR Mount

The LRA S90 Bracket Allows the Send iT MV3 electronic level to be mounted directly to a SPUHR  SP, SA, SS, or ST models in the vertical Position. 

This mount is only comparable with the MV3 model and WILL NOT WORK with the Send iT original or the XSL models.

Attention! Some mounts may require SPUHR A-0001: Spacer 4mm to clear scope parallax or windage knob. 

Also works with MPA BA Bolt Action Mount

-LRA S90 Bracket
-#8-32 screw (1)
-4mm x 10mm screws (2)
Not compatible with 36mm scope tubes.

**Warning**  Screw lengths MUST be checked PRIOR to attaching the mounts. In some applications the screw can “bottom out” against the scope tube or damage other components if the screw length is excessive or the wrong size/thread pitch is used. YOU are RESPONSIBLE to check the length and size of screws and verify interferences before final assembly. LRA is not liable for damage to our products or the products they are being mounted or attached to.

Step 1- Attach the LRA S90 to the SPUHR mount using the (2) supplied 4mm x 10mm flat head screws using either an IP20 or T20 Torx Plus or Torx drive. Torque both screws to 20-25 in-lbs.

Step 2- attach the  Send iT MV3 to the LRA S90 bracket. Follow the instructions included with the Send iT MV3 for removal of the Picatinny mount (link below). Carefully fit the Send iT into the pocket of the LRA S90 bracket by hand and confirm it’s sitting flat and fully seated BEFORE installing the screw. Install and torque the (1) supplied  # 8-32 Flat head screw to 30-34 in-lbs using a 3/32 Allen drive.

Send iT MV3 Level sold separately. MV3 level can be found here.
  • Mounts directly to SPUHR One Piece Scope Base
  • Allows Convenient Vertical Mounting
  • Made in USA