Send iT - Electronic Level Battery

$ 4.49

Brand: Long Range Arms

Here is the correct replacement battery for all of the LRA Send_iT electronic levels. The replacement battery is a high quality CR1/3N lithium battery that is made for their levels and has a handy sticker tab to allow easy removal. The use of these high quality batteries will ensure the longest battery life for your Send-it level. 

For instructions on how to check your battery level and/or replace your battery click here or use the reference below.


The Send iT level requires one CR1/3N lithium battery, which is a 3 volt battery.  Use high quality batteries for the longest power life.

To remove the battery, pull the cover off the main body of the level.  Do not pull on the knob.  It stays attached to the main body while the cover slides off.  Replace battery and slide the cover back onto the main body until it snaps over the o-ring.

To ensure your next battery replacement goes well, take extra precautions to face the fold of the Long Range Arms sticker facing up. This should make your next battery replacement easier by giving you a tab to pull the battery out. Please refer the image below.


Be sure to face the positive end of the battery toward the knob at the end of your Send-it level