SAP WC Solo Sack

$ 60.00

Brand: Short Action Precision

The next evolution in the legendary Solo Sack is here!! We have upgraded the tried and true Solo Sack to a brand new textured Waxed Canvas material for better grip, feel, and durability! This is a heavy bag that weighs in at 7 lbs, and that is very intentional! It is definitely not a lightweight bag for hunting or packing for long distances. What it will give you is a rock solid platform in which to shoot off of any improvised objects as well as being about the best prone bag that I have ever shot with. Just lay the bag lengthwise over your object that you are shooting off of, and then nestle the rifle on top of the bag with a little front to back motion and it is going to give you an unbelievably solid shooting platform!

New and Improved HD Textured Wax Canvas Material

  • The one bag that you will always want to shoot with!
  • Coyote Brown color!
  • Grab handle for easy pickup and maneuvering.
  • Designed by Pro shooter and Marine Solo Manansala
  • Made in USA

The differences between the Lightweight and the Heavyweight Solo Sack: 

The Solo Sack is originally a heavy sandbag. It works really great for positional as well as prone. Much later we came out with the lightweight which is a synthetic based material that mimics the ultra fine grade sand that we use in the original Solo Sack, but at a fraction of the weight (close to 7lbs vs.2 lbs). They both are awesome bags, and each have their strong points. The heavy is the most stable on positional shooting and is rock solid for prone. We like it best for weird shaped objects like rocks, logs, what have you, and as well as it is our go to rear bag anytime a rifle needs to be zeroed or have a load worked up. It does take more time in the prone position to adjust for height, but it will hold its position really well once you set it. The lightweight version is a feather in comparison. It is not quite as stable with positional due to its light weight, but still really good to shoot from. We would say in that situation it is about 85% as stable as the heavy.  In the prone it really shines because of the synthetic sand material. You can squeeze the bag with your off hand for really quick height adjustments, and it is very solid. It is definitely the winner for shooting prone at matches with this bag especially when there are multiple targets to engage while on the clock.