SAP Chamber Plug - Rimfire Empty Chamber Indicator

$ 13.99

Brand: Misc

For rifle matches that require them, or for times that you want to display a heightened level of safety by blocking the bolt and plugging the chamber with this plastic empty chamber indicator. SAP Branded chamber plugs with logo on both side.

Rimfire model features a high powered magnet, that will hold chamber plug in place over chamber opening. Made for Bolt Action Rimfire specifically. 

Rimfire Model

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Does Not Contaminate Chamber/Barrel
  • Prevents Closing of Bolt
  • Ensures No Round in Chamber
  • Bungee for Retention 
  • Made in USA


  1. Verify that rifle is clear of all ammunition.
  2. Insert ECI into rifle and make certain that magnet is fully against chamber opening.
  3. Hold the bolt forward with left thumb.
  4. Pull bungee over bolt handle with right hand.
  5. Reverse this procedure for removal.