SAP BT-MC Bergara/Tikka .22 Magazine Carrier

$ 49.99

Brand: Short Action Precision

The SAP BT-MC .22 Magazine Carrier is the perfect accessory for Bergara BMR and Tikka T1x .22 rifle shooters!

This holster allows you to keep your Bergara BMR or Tikka T1x .22 mag on your belt for speedy reloads. This mag holster has the same tension adjustment on the side like our famous AMC series mag carriers! It also has a flared opening for easy mag insertion.

Comes In Your Choice Of:

  • Regular 1.5" High Strength SAP Belt Clip
  • Add an additional 1.75" SAP Belt Clip for larger belts

All CZ-MC Versions come with:

  • Fits Bergara BMR and Tikka T1x .22 mags
  • Coyote, Black, and OD colors
  • 1/8" Allen adjustable for mag tension
  • Made in USA