SAP .22 Magazine Holder

$ 12.50

Brand: Short Action Precision

Hold an extra .22 magazine like our famous two rounder right where you need them in a pinch with the SAP .22 Magazine Holder! This little mag holder attaches with Velcro to side of rifle near ejection port. Now you can have easy and quick mag access for your .22 bolt rifles! Based on the CZ 455 ten round mags, but fits many similar sized 10 round .22 magazines.

Important! You must clean the stock with a good quality rubbing alcohol (91% preferred) and let that dry completely to prepare the surface for proper adhesion of the supplied industrial strength Velcro piece!

  • Sized for CZ455 10 round magazines
  • Works with Anschutz 10 rd.
  • Works with Sako Quad 10 rd. 
  • Works with Savage MK2 10 rd.
  • Perfect for trainers