Primal Rights 6mm Dasher Conversion Kit

$ 45.00

Brand: Primal Rights

The Primal Rights 6mm Dasher AICS Magazine Conversion was designed to address the need for reliable feeding of short standard bolt face cartridges such as the 6 Dasher. 6BR, 6.5 Grendel, and 6BRX. If you have ever tried to run one of these cartridges out of a standard unmodified AICS magazine, you very likely had some unreliable feeding issues.  This conversion is a collaboration between Primal Rights and TS Customs. Travis Stevens of TS Customs is an accomplished PRS competitor, and has been using the small 6MM cartridges with great success for the last several years.  This conversion kit has helped him and many others to ensure 100% reliable feeding with these cartridges.

This conversion kit has been tested extensively with 6 Dasher, 6BR, 6.5 Grendel, and 6BRX.  Thousands of rounds of trouble free operation have been seen with these cartridges when using this kit. Other cartridges may also benefit from the use of these conversions as well if similarly sized, though those have not been tested as thoroughly.

We also carry the specific Mag Extension made by Altus that works properly with these kits found here:

Note: Other mag extensions will not have the support for the spacer that comes with this 6BR/Dasher mag kit!

Made in USA. 


4+1 Kit is for AICS 5 round magazines. Capacity with kit can be 4 rounds in many cases.