MDT Short Action 6mm Dasher / BR Magazine

$ 89.99

Brand: MDT

MDT 6mm Dasher AICS-pattern metal magazines are manufactured from high strength steel, Nitride-finished and coated with Cerakote Elite for ultimate durability, corrosion resistance, and friction reduction.

These short action magazines are offered for:

  • 6 mm Dasher
  • 6mm BR Norma
  • 6mm BRA
  • 6mm BRX
  • 22 BR

IMPORTANT NOTE: these magazines ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with the following actions:

  • Curtis Custom's Axiom and Vector
  • GAP Tempest
  • Ultimatum Deadline
  • and most other commonly available, aftermarket 3-lug actions


  • 3.055” Outside Length
  • 2.570” max cartridge overall length (COAL) with binder plate and spacer
  • 4.61” Rear Height
  • Made in USA