Gray Ops CNC Hybrid Brass M-Lok Weight

$ 124.99

Brand: Gray Ops CNC

Get the most customizable balance with the Gray Ops CNC HYBRID Brass M-LOK weights.  Designed for all M-Lok configurations using 3 or more M-LOK slots.


  • Hard Black Anodize finish
  • Integral Flush cup
  • Stackable for more weight or width as a bag rider
  • 2 exterior M-LOK accessory slots per weight (IE. pic rails, thumbrests)
  • Recoil reducing serrated grips along the bottom of each weight that provide an added friction surface
  • Shaped to be support hand friendly during push/pull/press positional shooting
  • Brass Pair - adds 1.1 pounds (16.8 oz.)
  • Dimensions – 4.674" x 0.52" x 1.228" (Covers 3 M-Lok slots)
  • All M-Lok Hardware included


Not compatible with MPA Side Rails, MPA Matrix Pro Chassis, or MPA BA Comp Chassis