Gray Ops CNC Garmin Xero Bump Cover

$ 29.99

Brand: Gray Ops CNC

The Gray Ops CNC Bump Cover is designed  to protect your Garmin Xero Chronograph!

Introducing the Gray Ops Garmin Xero Bump Cover
  • Made from a strong, flexible plastic to withstand all of the punishment a trip in your pack will deliver.
  • Easy slip on design with a removable front cover.
  • While the front cover is closed the screen and all buttons are protected. 
  • Easy access to the charging port without removing the Bump Cover
  • Bump Cover can stay on the Garmin while in use and will not affect accuracy or reliability.  
  • This was tested across centerfire rifle, pistol, rimfire, air rifle, and a bow with no differences recorded.
  • Compatible with the Gray Ops Garmin Mount and Mount Kits. 
  • The only cover system for the Xero and Made in USA!

 Protect Your Garmin with the Gray Ops Garmin Bump Cover