Gray Ops CNC Brass Marker

$ 49.99

Brand: Gray Ops CNC

The Gray Ops CNC Brass Marker is designed to help you keep your brass identified at a match, or even color code them to separate by reloading batches or number of times fired on your brass. It allows you to make quick, easy, perfect lines on your brass. It will mark in rim of case, across primer, and on body of case. You can use one, or up to all 3 marker locations at the same time.

It's slotted design holds onto rim of case through the entire marking process for perfectly placed lines.

It is designed to accept any standard sharpie style marker, and secures them at the correct height with the supplied thumb screws.

For all standard short action .308 based calibers (6BR, 6.5x47, 6.5 CM, etc.)