Gray Ops CNC Arca Multi Plate

$ 259.99

Brand: Gray Ops CNC

The Grey Ops "Elite AMP" or Arca Mounting Plate is super high quality and innovative multi-purpose piece of gear. It can be used as a mounting platform on top of a tripod to hold a spotter and rangefinder at the same time with it's 2 integral quick release ARCA mounts. It can also be attached to a rifle with an ARCA rail to provide an ultra solid platform surface to ride a bag or other surface for rock solid steady shots. 


  • Can be Gun Mounted for a widened shooting platform on bags/barricades
  • Tripod Mountable as Tac table for shooting
  • Can be used to mount rangefinder/spotter combo or other accessories


  • Machined from 6061 Aluminum and Black Anodized
  • Two 1.5” ARCA dovetail mounting clamps for rifle or accessories
  • ARCA mounting clamps machined directly into table for low profile, one-piece design
  • ARCA dovetail machined into bottom for tripod mounting
  • Weight saving cuts for extreme lightweight design
  • Two ¼-20 threaded holes on each side for accessories or future adaptability
  • Profile machined for comfortable hand ergonomics when rifle mounted off barricade bags
  • Openings machined along both sides to attach bags with carabiners when used as tac-table
  • 20oz Plate Weight
  • Made in USA