D.O.T. Ckye-Pod Double Pull Rubber Feet

$ 49.00

Brand: DO Techne

D.O. Technic saw a need for Ckye-Pod Double Pull owners to have rubber feet as an option Instead of just using the spiked feet that the bipods ship with. These feet fit perfectly into the Double Pull legs like the original spiked feet do. The main body is made of selective laser sintered Nylon 12 that is very strong and impact resistant, and the feet are made of 70A durometer, abrasion resistant, non-marking rubber.

Once installed, the feet will make the Ckye-Pod legs 0.6" shorter than with the original spiked feet.

  • Sold as a Pair
  • Black Rubber foot surface
  • Quick detach with push pin
  • Made in America