Bix'N Andy TacSport Trigger Shoes

$ 34.99

Brand: Bix'N Andy

The shooters asked and Bix’n Andy answered!

The Bix'N Andy exchangeable trigger shoes are for shooters that want to customize their trigger experience. Four different styles to choose from and they’re easy to swap out. They work on both the regular Tac Sport and the Tac Sport PRO models. 

  • The Tac90 Shoe is a wide and straight shoe that tactical shooters have come to love in many competition shooting disciplines. This shoe is vertical in relation to the rifle receiver and has a nice hook on the bottom to offer better finger orientation on the shoe.

  • The Competition Smooth Wide Shoe is what the Bix’n Andy Benchrest triggers use. It is wider than the original TacSport shoe and is a favorite among shooters around the world.

  • The Hunter Ribbed Wide Shoe is more like a classic hunting rifle trigger feel. This smooth, wide shoe has 3 grooved ribs machined into the surface that offers a nice sense of finger location on the trigger.

  • The Gator Grip Shoe is machined with a knurled pattern into the aluminum trigger shoe. This provides more traction to the finger, and provides an extra sense of touch when utilizing a light trigger pull weight in a tactical competition or cold hunting conditions.