Bix'N Andy TACSPORT PRO-X Trigger

$ 314.99

Brand: Bix'N Andy

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The TacSport PRO-X brings the Bix’n Andy Competition trigger feel to the TacSport family. These triggers go through extra CNC polishing and finishing that only the Competition series ($$$) had previously. This also makes for even a crisper breaking trigger than the previous TacSport Pros! The encapsulated housing provides the stainless steel internals protection from the harshest shooting conditions. The Pro-X is made for the shooters who wants to take their game to the next level. Whether its precision shooting, target shooting, or long range hunting, the Pro-X will help you conquer your shooting discipline to the highest degree. With built in over-travel it minimizes human error from influencing your gun during shot break.

Stand out features of this trigger include:

  • Precision Made in Austria
  • Precision finished Stainless steel Internals on the finest CNC
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Housing
  • Blue Anodized
  • Over-Travel built in
  • Super Smooth Break
  • Shoes installed from factory
  • Same enclosed rugged housing known to perform
  • Pull weight (3.5oz to 2.2lbs)
  • Single Stage or Two Stage
  • Right or Left Safety (with) removable
  • Removable Bolt Stop Release Included
  • Takes standard Bix'n Andy sears

Owners Manual

Specific Action Sear Height Chart

Sear Height Chart