Badger M5 Detachable Bottom Metal

$ 279.30

Brand: Badger Ordinance

Badger M5 BDM (Badger Detachable Magazine) System for Short Actions.

The M5 BDM System is a heavy-duty trigger guard that allows rapid 
loading/unloading via a removable magazines for Remington 700 style short actions. The guard includes grade 5 Torx® screws, and pre-made bedding pillars to guarantee exact fit and perfect function. Made from Aircraft grade aluminum and hardcoat anodized black to a Milspec finish. 

DBM Options:

AICS Mags 5 or 10 with Maximum overall cartridge length: 2.893" 

Accurate-Mag 5 or 10 Regular Mags with Maximum overall cartridge length: 2.875" 

Accurate-Mag 5 or 10 Long Mags with Maximum overall cartridge length: 2.950" 

Accurate-Mag .223 10 round Mags with Maximum overall cartridge length: 2.325"

Inletting required, professional installation is recommended. 

Weighs 4.3 oz

Installation instructions can be found here