Atlas 5H/Super Cal Bipod Raider Cleat Feet - BT75

$ 94.95

Brand: B&T Industries

BT75: Atlas 5H / Super CAL Raider Cleat Feet

The BT75 Atlas Raider Cleat Feet are easily installed to any 5H or Super CAL model Atlas Bipod with the press of a stainless steel plunger. They are are turned from 303 Stainless Steel bar stock in one piece for strength and durability. The Cleat portion is approximately 1.225” long with the largest outer diameter of approximately 1.443”.

Sold as a pair.

  • Weight: 4.76 ounces
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • Made in USA

Product will work on Atlas 5H Bipods or Atlas Super CAL Bipods.