Area 419 Tikka T1X 30 MOA Scope Mounting Base

$ 60.00

Brand: Area 419

At Area 419 they are all about making the best quality parts, and its all in the little details that set this base apart from the competition.  These are machined in house on their 4-axis HAAS VMC from 7075 Aluminum.  Straight off the mill there is not a single sharp edge left, all corners are radiused and any necessary harsh corners are chamfered.  Just like all of the other Picatinny products they make, we radius between the slots, and also radius the corners of the lugs to prevent any snag areas and give it a cleaner look.

  • As with their 700 rails, all screws are T10 Torx and the same length so no guessing which goes where
  • The MOA angle of the base is guaranteed to be true to the spec due to advanced fixturing
  • Machined to MIL-STD-1913
  • Type III Hardcoat Black anodized
  • Comes with a T10 Torx key

Recommended torque spec: 15 in/lb

30 MOA Cant