Area 419 Tactical One-Piece Scope Mount - 0 MOA

$ 329.99

Brand: Area 419

When Area 419 set out to make an ideal scope ring like none other before, they knew that they needed to make something that was reliable and consistent at a degree you won’t find anywhere else on the market. This led them down a rabbit-hole, ultimately arriving on a process that gets you final-bore matched rings, with raw aluminum internals, for a grip on your optic that is more reliable and more true than anything else made – as well as an incredible amount of robustness without adding unnecessary weight.

Like most mounts, these begin as separate parts. They make the bases and caps in batches. While many will make these parts, send them to anodize, and then just assemble, Area 419 produces them around the extra steps. Once these parts return from anodize, they are fully assembled, placed back into specially produced rail fixtures, with the caps torqued to spec over specially made spacers (to give the rings space to torque down on the optic), and final-bored as sets in our world-class machining centers. Mounts are then brought off the machine in sets, quality inspected and then packaged, ensuring that you receive a mount that was finished perfectly.

Is it overkill? Probably. But they think it’s the right way, so that’s what they do.


  • CNC Milled in America from American 7075 Aluminum
  • Raw aluminum, precision bored scope contact surfaces for maximum grip
  • 0 MOA for Bolt Action Rifles with a 20-30 MOA scope base
  • Final-bored in sets, and never fully disassembled after boring
  • Multiple accessory mounting points
  • Separate rail clamping bars for maximum grab on the pic rail
  • Inset clamping feet, allowing for maximum mounting adjustment and pic rail utility
  • Steel guide pins between base and caps, aiding in alignment
  • Custom Nitrided stainless hardware
  • Patent-Pending ultra-rigid and repeatable top accessory attachment