Area 419 Spigot Extension for ARCA

$ 30.00

Brand: Area 419

This piece from Area 419 will allow you to mount your bipod to an Area 419 Arca clamp with pushing the bipod out 1.25" further forward.

For Harris:

For Atlas:

  • Works on All Atlas Bipods with removable clamp
  • Adapts Atlas 5H to the Area 419 ARCA clamp (or other brands) with no other parts necessary.
  • Extends any Atlas bipod out extra 1.25″ for better stability

For any other Bipod:

  • Any other ARMS17-S mounted bipod can attach to this to extend out extra 1.25″
  • Gives additional clearance for bipods that do no work with an ARCA clamp due to wider design

Does not include bipod, Harris Adapter, barricade stop or clamp.