Area 419 Ruger 10/22 30 MOA Scope Mounting Base

$ 60.00

Brand: Area 419

After being asked by precision 22 competitors for years, Area 419 released their precision scope base for Ruger 10/22 receivers.

This design, made from a single piece of T7075 aluminum and machined in house on their Haas VF4SS 4 axis machining center is designed to fit precisely, and be strong enough that your rimfire will never budge it, all while providing the elevation you need for longer shots. These bases are Type III black hardcoat anodized and come with the necessary wrench to torque the clamp screws.

This rail is a 30MOA cant since it is meant for pushing 22LRs out to 300+ yards or using optics with a minimum of 60MOA internal elevation, zeroing at 50y, as well as 15MOA for more typical use. Area 419 added real estate to the front of the rail to allow you to move your optic forward. This helps on higher powered scopes when coupled with the smaller stocks that are found on many rimfires.

Recommended torque spec: 15 in/lb

30 MOA Cant