Area 419 / B&T Picatinny Adapter Bolts

$ 1.00

Brand: Area 419

Hardware: Pic Adapter Bolts

We now carry separately the mounting bolts for ARCALOCK Dovetail Rail Clamp Picatinny Adapter to the Area 419 ARCA Clamps.

These are the standard bolts which bolt a clamp onto an Atlas bipod and they also work for the Arcalock Tripod Adapter B&T BT56 as well.

Note: If you have the Area 419 ARCA clamp with the barricade adapter, you will use the bolts that come with that kit instead of these.

The Area 419 Arcalock Clamp to Picatinny adapters do NOT come with mounting bolts from the manufacturer.

  • 1 Pair of Bolts
  • Atlas Bipod Bolts
  • Picatinny Adapter Bolts - BT20B
  • Tripod Adapter Bolts - BT56