Area 419 CZ455 Scope Mounting Base

$ 99.99

Brand: Area 419

Area 419 has solved the problem of CZ455 scope bases that tend to slide around over time. The simple dovetail/set screw bases may work for some people but Area 419 was not satisfied with that.

This design, made from a single piece of T7075 aluminum and machined in house on their Haas VF4SS 4 axis machining center is designed to slide onto the dovetail and be clamped down with a force that is consistent across the entire rail – and strong enough that your CZ455 will never budge it.  For added security they have also added a recoil lug at the rear of the base, creating a mechanical stop for the base. These bases come Type III black hardcoat anodized and will come with the necessary 2.5mm wrench for torquing the clamp screws.  Recommended torque spec: 22 in/lb (2.5 NM)

This rail comes in a 30MOA cant as it is meant for guys pushing their 22LRs out to 300+ yards. We also added real estate to the front of the rail to allow you to move your optic forward. This helps on higher powered scopes when coupled with the smaller stocks that are normal on a rimfire. This base is a little taller than the popular set-screw models (our rail adds a total of about 1/2″ of height to the dovetail) but by using lower height rings/mounts you should be able to retain a similar over bore height and maintain a good cheek weld without any riser.

As an added bonus, they also machined in a level to the base.  The material is flared out in the area to provide optimum viewing when in the prone position without much movement if any.

These rails can also be used with the CZ 452, excluding the “American” model, which has a differently-sized dovetail.