Area 419 Arcalock Clamp w/ Barricade Stop for Harris Bipods

$ 150.00

Brand: Area 419


Introducing the ARCALOCK Rail Clamp w/ Barricade Stop for Harris Bipods with Swivel

Now you can have the Area 419 patented Arcalock clamp with a barricade stop with your Harris Bipod.  Due to the design of the spring mechanism on a Harris, it was not previously possible to stack our barricade stop between the ARCA clamp and bipod adapter.  Now with this plate and adapter, it moves your bipod forward about 1.25″ so the barricade clears the springs and allows it to fit the ARMS-17s mount.  This also gives you some extra cantilever length to your bipod to get it out as far as possible.

Includes Clamp, Barricade Stop, Spigot and Harris Adapter. Bipod not included.

Clamp Features:

  • Proprietary two-stage screw design.
  • Clamping screw features two different thread pitches.  The coarse 16tpi is used when no tension is on clamp, allowing rapid movement of the clamp vs others on the market.  With high speed comes low torque though, so to counteract this as soon as the clamp sees tension it will switch to the 32tpi threads in the knob to give you extra torque when not using on an ARCALOCK rail.
  • ~1/4 Turn releases the clamp from the detents on the ARCALOCK rail for movement
  • One Turn releases clamp to be removed from rail
  • Clamp directly bolts to Harris Bipods using their factory hardware
  • Harris Bipod adapter with no Barricade stop can be found here.
  • Picatinny rail adapter that can be bolted to the clamp for use with other bipods can be found here.
  • Clamp is backwards compatible with standard ARCA rails by removing the two pins, and will still work this way to give you infinite sliding adjustment on the ARCALOCK rail.
  • Moving side of clamp is dovetailed on both sides to prevent tilt
  • Knob/Screw design prevents the clamp from being able to fall apart if you loosen it too far
  • Clamp and knob machined in house from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Screw is turned from 303 Stainless Steel
  • Type III Hardcoat Black anodized clamp and Gold anodized knob