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Area 419 Arcalock Rail for AI AX

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Brand: Area 419

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With the popularity of Accuracy International rifles, it was a natural for Area 419 to take their famous Arcalock rail system and improve the AI AX rifles by eliminating the issue of  the big plastic chunk in front of the magwell. 

These rails run from magwell to the end of your forend at a gradual slope of 5 degrees. This is enough to cover the forend attachment “spine” but does not negatively impact the way the rifle shoots or handles. They also added threaded holes at each end of the rail for security stops (to keep anything from accidentally sliding off) and a flush-cup for sling attachment when shooting from a tripod.

Each rail comes with a barricade stop that can be installed in front of the magwell to protect a magazine when pushed up against a shooting/support bag. 

This is made for short action AI AX chassis with 11 Keyslot holes (not for long action).


Rail Features:

  • Specialized AI AX rail design with serrated rail sides to interface with the Area 419 Arcalock clamp which mechanically locks in place so no movement is possible.
  • These serrations allow your mount to lock tight, but are not sharp, will not damage bags or your hands.
  • Rail is backwards compatible with standard Arca accessories, but will not be locking without an Area 419 clamp.
  • Weighs only 11 oz and Barricade Stop is approx 2 oz.
  • Made to the RRS 1.5″ Dovetail Standard, so RRS lever clamps are compatible.
  • No sharp edges. Every corner is radiused, and every edge is chamfered.
  • Type 3 Hard Coat anodized for additional durability.
  • Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • 100% USA made, with US materials and machines.