Adaptive Tuning System XL - ATS

$ 225.00

Brand: Short Action Precision

Adaptive Tuning System XL Size (ATS)

New XL Tapered Version! This version accommodates larger barrel contours while maintaining a closer fit to the barrel to avoid catching it on barricades or external objects.

This version works with barrels up to ~1.3" diameter, approximately 3 inches behind the muzzle, and will weigh about 7 oz.

Developed by Aaron Hipp, a Competitive Precision Rifle Shooter, the ATS is the first barrel tuner available that uses your existing muzzle threads while still allowing you to use your self timing muzzle brake or suppressor of choice. The ATS was designed to support the demanding needs of precision shooters, while overcoming the limitations that the other existing tuner designs have. Most importantly it provides flexibility to use across multiple rifles since it just threads on your barrel with no additional rifle modifications required! That means that you can get into a more accurate rifle right away whithout having to pay for special gunsmithing and the wait times that go along with that! 

Note: The ATS is designed to be used with your existing muzzlebrake, suppressor, or a thread protector to secure the ATS in place. If you have a timed muzzle brake or a muzzle brake that is not self timing via a reverse jam nut then the ATS may not work with your setup, and a different brake would be advisable. 

  • Utilizes your existing muzzle threads
  • No additional gunsmith work required
  • For use with your existing self timing muzzle brake or suppressor  
  • Available in 5/8 x 24 TPI and 3/4 x 24 TPI versions
  • Squeeze that last bit of accuracy out of your hand loads
  • Maximize accuracy on factory match box ammo
  • Black Nitride finish or Stainless Finish with Laser Engraved Refence Markings
  • Compact Size 
  • Weighs approximately 7 oz.

 Installation and Setup Instructions Here

Here is a link to a printable target you can download.

Have you ever showed up to a match or a hunting trip with ammo that was shooting one ragged hole when you left and is now shooting completely different? Do you want the ability to squeeze that last bit of performance out of your rifle with hand-loaded or factory ammo? Then the Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) be what you’re looking for.

The XL Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) threads on to your existing muzzle threads and slides over your barrel without touching it. It will support barrels up to 1.3" diameter approximately 2 inches behind the muzzle. The Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) is focused on those shooters that want a flexible system that allows simple tuning of their rifle system across a broad range of disciplines and setups such as: 22, Benchrest, F-Class, PRS, ELR, or Hunting disciplines whether using hand loaded or factory ammo.

Note: Returns will not be accepted if the product has been used unless it is determined to be defective.