Send iT Instructions and Videos



Power Up/Down - Rotate the power knob on the side of the unit to turn it on/off.

Sensitivity Check - As you power the unit on, the LEDs will flash for approximately 2 seconds indicating sensitivity setting.

Battery Check - After the unit has completed the sensitivity check, the LEDs remain solid for 2 seconds indicating the approximate battery life. Battery indicator reads from left to right.  Lights to battery charge is shown below:

  • 5 LEDs = Full Battery  3 LEDs = 60% Battery  2 LEDs (Red) = 20% Battery
  • 20 % battery allows for approximately 4-6 hours of constant operation.

Shooting Mode - When in shooting mode, the LEDs indicate the direction that the shooter needs to roll/cant/move the rifle, as follows:

Blue/Left     Green/Send iT     Red/Right


Sleep Mode - The Send iT level will enter into a sleep mode after approximately 10 minutes of no movement. The level will wake by a variety of methods, including moving the rifle or turning the power knob.



Entering Sensitivity Setting Mode:  To enter sensitivity setting mode the following must be completed during the first 4 seconds after powering the unit on: (while the unit is indicating the sensitivity setting OR battery check)

Turn the power dial up and down at least a half turn each way for 5-7 iterations.  The LEDs will begin flashing once the sensitivity mode has been entered displaying the last sensitivity settings.  Factory setting is 3 LEDs.  (.6 degree)

Once in this mode, turn the knob up/down to adjust your sensitivity setting. 

NOTE:  If you stop moving the power knob, the unit will lock your setting at approximately 4 seconds.  This is indicated by flashing LEDs

  • Setting 5 (5 LEDs): 1st LED = .2 degree, 2nd LED = .4 degree (total)
  • Setting 4 (4 LEDs): 1st LED = .4 degree, 2nd LED = .8 degree (total)
  • Setting 3 (3 LEDs): 1st LED = .6 degree, 2nd LED = 1.2 degree (total)
  • Setting 2 (2 LEDs): 1st LED = .8 degree, 2nd LED = 1.6 degree (total)
  • Setting 1 (1 LEDs): 1st LED = 1 degree, 2nd LED = 2 degree (total)
Setting 5 is the most sensitive.

Exiting Sensitivity Mode:  Once the setting is locked in, the LEDs will begin blinking.  To exit, the unit must be powered off/on to resume normal use. 

NOTE:  The unit will power on showing the newly selected mode, battery life and begin indicating level position.  The unit is now ready for normal use.



The Send iT Level has been designed to allow the user to zero the unit. Long Range Arms understands that certain long range shooters may have a preference for shooting their rifle with a slight cant in order to fit them better.  The Send iT level will allow the user to reset the level to read level when it is mounted slightly canted, regardless if it is on your rifle or scope. 


The Send iT Level is built with automatic orientation sensing capability, much like when you rotate the screen on your smartphone.  Zeroing can be performed for each of the 4 mounting angles, which can be independently stored.  This allows you to change the mounting position without re-zeroing.

The Send iT level’s 12 point multi-axis allows it to accurately read at any inclination angle regardless of your mounting option.  As needed for users who may want or need a slight cant on their rifle, the user may zero the unit.  The level can be mounted horizontally, vertically, upside down, left or right but must be close to a 90 degree angle. 

Zero Mode may be entered at any time the unit is in “Shooting Mode.”

Entering Zero Mode:  During “Shooting Mode,” quickly turn the power knob up and down until you see the two outside LEDs (Blue/Red) flashing.  At this time, level the device to its spirit/bubble level or other level you have mounted/attached to the rifle or scope.  The unit will flash from the 2 outside LEDs to the next 2 LEDs with the final Green LED flashing last.  Once the Green LED starts to flash, it is important not to move the level.  Once the Green LED stops flashing, it has been zeroed. 


The Send iT level is also equipped with a spirit/bubble level to be used only as an emergency backup during inclination/angle shooting of less than 20 degrees.  We have found that the majority of all spirit levels are only accurate when used at a +/-20 degrees of inclination/angle.  When you go beyond these angles, the majority of spirit/bubble levels are incapable of accurate readings.  This is mainly due to the manufacturing process.  Typically the interior and exterior of the spirit/bubble levels are not perfectly symmetrical and will manifest themselves during extreme angle shooting.  This starts to create accuracy problems when shooting at angles greater than 20 degrees with spirit/bubble levels.

The Send iT electronic shooting level is calibrated on multiple axes (12 total) to ensure that you have accurate readings regardless of the angle of fire or the mounting position of the unit on your rifle.  This is impossible to achieve with any mechanical/spirit shooting level made, including the one that is currently used by the Send iT unit.


The Send iT level requires one CR1/3N lithium battery.  Use high quality batteries for the longest power life.

To remove the battery, pull the cover off the main body of the level.  Do not pull on the knob.  It stays attached to the main body while the cover slides off.  Replace battery and slide the cover back onto the main body until it snaps over the o-ring.