SAP AMC vs BMH Comparison Chart

Feature Comparison SAP AMC SAP Basic Mag Holster
Adjustable Mag Tension Yes. Infinitely adjustable on the fly for different mags or retention levels w/ 1/8" Allen. Quick and easy. Some. 2 screws that compress side bumpers for mag tension. Must use Blue Loctite to keep position and retain screw hardware.
Mag can Click into place on Insertion Yes. When mag catch faces tensioner, the mag will click into place on full insertion for positive retention. No
Standard Belt Clip SAP Engraved 1.5" Clip Basic Black 1.5" Clip
Other Mounting Options SAP Engraved 1.75" Clip, Combat Loop Clip, Malice Molle Clips SAP Engraved 1.75" Clip, Combat Loop Clip, Malice Molle Clips
Flared Mag Opening Flared to 3.375" x 1.435" Flared to 3.06" x 1.125"
Ambidextrous Mag Orientation Yes. Mag can insert either way No. Mag inserts in one direction only
Closed Bottom Seam Yes. Bottom closed to keep contaminants out besides drain hole

No. Bottom has gap of .125"-.250"

Optimized for .22 Magazines

Yes. Bumper kit comes with mag to allow clearance of .22 feed lips and closed bottom to protect cartridges.


Depth Adjustable for Short Mags

Yes. Included bumper kit can be used for 5 round or AW mags.

User can add a small block of foam (not included) to raise up shorter magazines

Works with Tikka, Sako, and AI AX Mags

Yes. Tikka CTR, TAC A1, Sako TRG22, AI AX Single and Double Stack Mags


Proudly Made in USA by SAP