MagnetoSpeed XFR Cable Compatibility Page

MagnetoSpeed XFR

The MagnetoSpeed XFR transfer hardware works with Android and iPhone apps currently on the market.  Instructions for using the app and a list of compatible devices will be compiled on this page as well as any firmware updates for V3.

V3 displays will require the latest version of firmware to be downloaded to the device.  See V3 instruction manual under "Bootloader" on page 13 for how to flash new firmware to the display.   Click the link below to download to your computer then copy to your devices microSD card. 

Download V3 Display Software Version 2.1.03

XFR Phone App for Apple Devices Here

XFR Phone App for Android Devices Here

Android Devices Works
HTC One Yes
HTC One m8 Yes
LG G2 Yes
lgl34c Yes
Samsung Tab3 Yes
Samsung Galaxy S3 Yes
Samsung Galaxy S4 Yes
Samsung Galaxy S5 Yes
Galaxy Nexus Yes (May require adjustments)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Yes
Samsung Tab 7.7 Yes
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Yes (Shot Simulator Does Not Work)
Nexus 6 Yes
Nexus 5 Yes
Moto G Not Yet
Moto Droid 3 Yes (Shot Simulator Does Not Work)
Moto Droid Ultra Not Yet
Moto X Not Yet
Droid Maxx HD Not Yet
Droid 4 Not Yet
Apple Devices Works
iPhone 4S Yes
iPhone 5 Yes
iPhone 5S Yes
iPhone 6 Yes
iPhone 6 plus Yes
All iPads Yes