Kestrel AB Update Notification Systems

Here is where you can keep up to date on all updates for Kestrel AB units


AB Email Notification Systems!
Don't miss out on Kestrel's weekly emails! They have many different systems in place, so that you can get information on what matters to you! Check out the 4 main ones below, and see if any fit your needs!

1. Contacts List - This list receives weekly emails on what's going on, and the latest in developments. This is the general weekly email with the latest news and videos. Don't miss out! Sign up today.

2. Kestrel Firmware Updates - This email system sends out an email only when a Kestrel Firmware Update is ready! No Spam, No advertising, Just information!

3. AB Tactical Update - This email system is targeted at AB Tactical Owners. Currently AB Tactical is on version 201. If your version is out dated, then this email system is for you. It sends out an email with instructions on when and how to update to the latest version! Contact for more details.

4. AB Analytics Update - This email system sends out an update notification when its time to update AB Analytics. Current version is 48. If your version is out dated, or you want to get on to this email system send an email to