Brandt Built Ocular Housing Display Instructions

Here are the instructions on properly installing the Brandt Built Ocular Display for the Send It Levels.


Tools required for Install: 1-Wire strippers 2-Razor knife 3-Lighter

INCLUDED: 1 Level housing 1 ½” Heat shrink 1 Instructions 1 Ocular housing 1 36” Fiber lead 2 Velcro straps

Step 1-- Watch YouTube video easiest is to copy and paste this link into you browser.

Step 2—Determine where you want your level mounted, location no longer needs to be within view or on a specific side. (within 12”of ocular housing)

Step 3 Remove the original send it outer housing and install the Brandt Built housing on your level.

Step 4 Mount the rear indicator housing to your ocular housing using 1 of Velcro straps.

Step 5 Measure the rough distance between the level and fiber lead ocular housing by routing the fiber how you prefer, from level to ocular housing, leave yourself 1” past/long .(No tape measure needed) 1 end of the 36” fiber is pre flame finished for example. Cut the 36” fiber lead into 3 pieces at this length. Flush cuts, Dikes, or even scissors will do the trick! (see picture below)

Step 6 Decide which way you prefer to get to plumb/Green (see pictures below) Lean away from the red/blue Lean towards the red/blue

Step 7 Using wire strippers, strip the outer housing away from the fiber on one end of each fiber lead using the 16-18ga. cutter to remove about 1/4” of outer housing. (see pictures below)

Step 8 Using a lighter flame finish the fiber on the stripped end of each of the 3 leads, hold the fiber near the side and base of the flame till you see the fiber start to ball up. The fiber only needs to be held close to flame, never contact the fiber to the flame and DONT over do it, the flame only needs to slightly dome the end of the fiber to better pickup and transmit the light. (1 end of the 36” fiber is prefinished for example)

Step 9 Insert the 3 flame finished ends of each of the 3 leads into the Brandt built level housing. Route the ends along the path you’ve determined from step 4 inserting them through the rear housing leaving them long. Check the bundle clearance on your magnification ring.

Step 10 determine the length of 1/2” heat shrink need to cover the main run of fiber bundle, measuring along the fiber bundle stopping and 5/8” short of either housing. Cut heat shrink to determined length, remove fibers from level housing and slide the heat shrink over the bundle then reinstall the ends into the housing and double checking you have reinstalled them in the appropriate locations.(see picture below)

Step 11 Start by adjusting the leads at the ocular housing end they’ll need to be similar to the picture below. Then start by shrinking the end closer to the level housing locking it in place, if your fibers are as long as the ones pictured it’s not a bad idea to shrink spot mid run as well. Remove the ocular housing and hold the bundle away from your scope to shrink the remaining portions down. You may want to remove the ends from the level housing as well to complete shrinking the entire run. TAKE YOUR TIME AND DON’T APPLY TO MUCH HEAT TO ONE SPOT MOVE BACK AND FORTH AND KEEP AWAY FROM YOUR SCOPE.(see pictures below)

Step 12 Reinstall the leads on the gun and trim the leads about 1/16” past the ocular fiber rear housing, remove the fibers 1 more time from the rear housing, strip the outer housing back 1/8” and flame finish the ends same as you did in step 5. Reinstall the fibers into the rear housing making sure to insert them until the fiber is protruding past the back of the housing and you’re done. (see pictures below) Notes: You’ll have to remove the leads from the level housing to remove it from the level housing from the level



Rotating ocular housing instructions

Step 1: Apply a piece of double sided to the scope tube mount leaving the protective backer on the scope side.

Step 2: The scope tube mount and the rear fiber housing have tapered holes, the fiber and stainless rod will be inserted into the housings from the tapered side.

Step 3: Mount the rear scope tube housing to your scope tube using the supplied Velcro loop. (Don’t peel protective backer on tape yet).

Step 4: Start by getting your bends mapped out at the scope housing side leaving enough straight rod to fully insert into the scope tube housing.

Step 5: Determine where the rear fiber housing will sit. This may vary if you’re running a scope cap. Cut the stainless rod using dikes/ side cutters allowing the rod to fully insert into the housing.

Step 6: You may need to add another slight bend to the rear of the wire to get the fiber housing to sit just right against the ocular or scope cap.

Step 8: Install the rear fiber housing onto the stainless rod using the smaller of the center most holes.

Step 9: Follow standard instructions for remaining install, but note when you heat shrink the fibers it’s worth the time to include the stainless rod as it helps keep everything tidy.

You can use two induvial pieces of heat shrink or get everything laid out and poke a small hole in the heat shrink where the fibers intersect the rod and feed it through before shrinking. The one piece method is preferred as it’s a little cleaner. Once complete the last thing you’ll do is remove the backer from the double sided sticky tape and install the scope tube housing using the tape and Velcro strap. See pic below.