Blast Tamer Instructions

Thank You for purchasing one of the finest muzzle brakes on the market today. Follow these  instructions for best performance.

Specifications; all brakes are 416 stainless steel, Rockwell 28-30.

Standard thread on 3 Port Blast Tamer:

1” round OD, and is designed for barrels with muzzle dia. of .700” to 1” using a 5/8x24 class 3B internal thread, and can be turned down to .850” diameter, NO smaller.


A qualified gunsmith should install your brakes. Indicate barrel bore, in lathe, with less than .0002” TIR. Thread a tennon between .600”and .625” long in the appropriate thread for the model you are installing. Check thread fit with the brake you are installing and make sure to anti-seize the threads to prevent galling. Once the thread is complete, time the brake horizontal to the action, by cutting the appropriate amount of material off of the shoulder, of your barrels thread tennon. Once the brake is timed, modify your tennon length and crown the muzzle. Now you may install the brake with blue lok-tite for a permanent installation, or anti-seize for one that will be removed by the user. At this point the brake can have the shank tapered down by setting your compound at the appropriate angle, and cutting the shank to meet and blend in with the barrels OD. Finale and MOST IMPORTANTLY, drill and bore out the brakes clearance hole to .020”-.030” over the rifles bore diameter. You the installer must insure that the bullet freely clears the brakes baffles. Failure to do this will result in damage to the brake, rifle, and possibly injure the shooter or bystanders. 

Clamp on 3 Port Blast Tamer:

comes with a class 3B internal 5/8x24 thread and was designed to be user installed and timed on an existing threaded barrel. Because of the clamp system, the barrel thread should be fit with minimum slop. This will allow for minimum run-out in the bullet clearance hole. Testing has shown less than .003” total axial run-out on a 3a external thread. This brake is a great option for those who interchange between suppressors and brakes. The Clamp on Blast Tamer comes in 2 styles pre-bored for 6mm-6.5mm barrels and 7mm-.308” dia. barrels. 

The advantage of the clamping system is the brake timing is simplified so the end-user can remove and install the brake a multitude of times. These brakes come pre-bored .030” +.005”,-.000” over bullet dia., in 2 models, specify the model when ordering.

Mod 1. For 6mm-6.5mm dia. bores/bullets

Mod 2. For 7mm and 308” dia. bores/bullets

The brake is designed with a .050” counter bore that will cover up the barrels shoulder/joint with the brake. This counter bore is aproximatly .850” in diameter, so the brake will thread over most barrels with muzzles of .840” or less. (Remington varmit contour, and smaller.) Barrels larger than .850” have 2 options for installation; 1. Allow the brake to shoulder up against the larger/external brake shoulder. Similar to the way most conventional brakes fit, before backing off and clamping brake. 2. Gunsmith, turn the barrel down to .840” for .050” long, directly behind the shoulder, with a 45 degree taper up to the barrels od, as shown in the drawing. Installation; pre- threaded barrels with 5/8x24 thread tennons at least .575” long. Make certain you have the correct brake for your rifles bore, failure to do so will cause damage to your fire-arm, and shooter or bystander injury. Fitting of the brake to the barrel is accomplished by screwing on the brake all the way until the brake stops on the barrels shoulder, then turn the brake counter clock-wise from 1-179 degrees so that the brake is level with the action. Then tighten the 8-32 clamp screw just tight enough to keep the brake from spinning on the barrel. If you can grip the brake with your hand and it still spins with hand force tighten the brake just slightly more. If your barrel thread, to brake fit, is excessively sloppy/loose, or the brake does not clamp down with-out undue force, your barrel threads are out of spec, and you should not use this brake on that barrel. The issue of run-out in the clearance hole will be multiplied and this may cause baffle strikes. Installation; Gunsmith install on new barrels. Make certain you have the correct brake for your rifles bore, failure to do so will cause damage to your fire-arm, and shooter or bystander injury. Gunsmiths see the accompanying drawing of a properly cut thread tennon for barrels over .840” in diameter. Barrels under .840 will need a conventional 5/8x24, class 3A external thread, between .600”- .625” long. The less slop in the threads the less run-out that will be realized in the end product installation, so proper fitting is a plus.

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