Sunrise Tactical Covered AICS Mag Pouch

$ 29.99

Brand: Sunrise Tactical Gear

The AICS Covered Mag Pouch from Sunrise Tactical Gear is a great way to manage your Short Action AICS type 10 round magazines. The Velcro flap holds the mag securely but allows for easy access. The Fastex buckle can be used for extra insurance your mags stay safely secured. It comes with two Molle attachment clips included. I also use these for 5 round mags with a block of foam inside to adjust the space. This pouch also works great to hold the Sunrise Tactical Rifle Cap as an added bonus!

  • Holds mags conveniently and securely
  • Works for all Short Action AICS style mags
  • Doubles as a Rifle Cap holder
  • Made in USA