Area 419 Sidewinder Muzzle Brake - Black

$ 195.00

Brand: Area 419

The SIDEWINDER Self Timing Brake is not just another knockoff copy of existing self timing brakes.  It was engineered from the ground up to be extremely effective, easier to install, and much more versatile.  The SIDEWINDER uses the same patent pending self timing technology as the HELLFIRE, only larger.


  • Extremely easy installation, brake WILL NOT turn as you torque the collar to lock. No more guessing where the brake ports will line up once you tighten it down!
  • Simple round knurled nut that requires no tools to time the brake.
  • Return to zero is excellent. This means removal of your brake and re-installation will not require a zero change.
  • Rearward facing ports for the ultimate in recoil reduction.With 4 ports it is another level up from the HELLFIRE brake.
  • Proprietary progressive port design.  The amount of work done by a muzzle brake as you move away from the muzzle decreases with distance.  Knowing this, we decided to increase the size of the first port and decrease slightly with every port further out.  This keeps the overall length down, without sacrificing efficiency.

Brake Installation

– Simply torque the universal adapter onto your barrel with a 5/8″ wrench, this piece never has to come off. Next, LEFT HAND thread the brake/collar assembly onto the adapter until it is almost snug. Now rotate the brake until it is level, push the brake into the adapter and you will feel it lock onto the taper. Now tighten the collar fully by hand, and you are done!


  • 5/8 x 24 TPI
  • Made from heat treated 17-4PH Stainless Steel
  • Black Nitride finish
  • 100% Made in USA.
  • 1.125″ OD Brake, 1.275″ OD collar
  • Brake assembly will add 2.75″ added to OAL of barrel
  • Weighs 7.5oz with adapter

SIDEWINDER Muzzle Brake Maintenance Here

Thread spec diagram can be downloaded HERE