Pro-Bed 2000 Bedding Compound

$ 23.95

Brand: Score High Gunsmith

The ultimate epoxy bedding compound!

Epoxy or glass bedding has been popular for many years as a tool for accurizing rifles of all types. Accuracy depends on shot-to-shot consistency. A great deal of a rifleā€™s ability to achieve this consistency is dictated by the relationship of the metal and the stock. During the firing process, a great deal of recoil or kick is created which tends to shift the barrel and action in the stock. This change dramatically affects the rifles ability to achieve shot-to-shot repeatability. In order to achieve extreme accuracy, we need to go beyond just good fit. We need to manage vibration cycles. In nature, all things vibrate and in order for a rifle to achieve extreme repeatability we must minimize the vibration cycles and make them as consistent as possible. Once again we are back to the stock to metal fit. Pro-Bed 2000 epoxy is the best tool available to meet that requirement. There has been a number of epoxy products used by the gunsmithing fraternity over the years and almost all of them were not designed for the sole purpose of accurizing rifles. Pro-Bed 2000 was formulated by a gunsmith with over 20 years of professional experience in epoxy bedding rifles. Pro-Bed 2000 directly addresses every problem unique to epoxy bedding.