Gray Ops CNC Magneto Speed V3 Mount

$ 320.00

Brand: Gray Ops CNC


The Gray Ops CNC MagnetoSpeed V3 Mount allows you to save ammo by checking your zero and checking your chronograph at the same time!

With this you can attach your V3 Bayonet directly to your ARCA rail (or Picatinny : See note below) on your rifle without shifting your point of impact unlike strapping the bayonet to your barrel directly. This Quick Release clamp system allows you to mount and unmount your V3 bayonet quickly and solidly in the same repeatable position. 


    • Allows the use of the Magneto Speed V3 Chronograph bayonet without affecting barrel harmonics and shifting your point of impact. This attaches directly to your chassis to mount your V3 bayonet near  your muzzle.  


    • Machined from 6061 Aluminum
    • Black and Red anodizing on aluminum parts
    • Black Nitride tight tolerance steel rods for rust and corrosion protection
    • Ergonomic comfortable adjustment knobs
    • Fully adjustable for any barrel lengths from SBR’s to 30” +
    • Atlas style footprint for mounting either our QD throw lever or any other atlas compatible clamp
    • Very rigid design for minimal movement after setup is complete
    • Repeatable positioning after initial setup


    • For Picatinny usage you will need to order the kit without clamp and use a compatible Picatinny clamp like the ADM-170S found here.
    • This system was meant for flat bottom stocks chassis with 0 degree offset from the bore. If any chassis or stocks have an angled forend such as a hunting style stock, you will need our angled adapter (sold separately)
    • If you have an MPA chassis, you will not need the angled adapter. If you have a Manners, Foundation, McMillan, or other stock that has a slight upward angle to the forend, you will need the angled adapter for accurate chronograph results.
    • Currently this design is only compatible with V3 MagnetoSpeed Bayonets (not included)