Eagle Eye Scope Throw Lever

$ 24.99

Brand: MGM

MGM's Eagle Eye Universal Fit Scope Magnification Adjustment Throw Lever.
Universal Fit  for ANY model scope. Great for all shooters with adjustable magnification scopes.

The same technology, design team and engineering that created the original SwitchView™ throw lever has finished over a year of development and has released the EAGLE EYE SpeedLever™. SwitchView™ function and reliability is now available in a UNIVERSAL fit, polymer version. It simply and securely attaches around the scope magnification ring for fast and easy adjustment of your scope. The primary purpose for the Eagle Eye model is for use on hunting and sport rifles, not necessarily "work guns" or "hard use" guns such as real world military and law enforcement situations.

  • Instantly adjust scope magnification from scanning to locked on and making that 
  • No more fumbling for the scope.
  • Easy operation even in cold and wet conditions.
  • Maintain natural hand and firing position.
  • Steady sight picture.
  • Easy installation.
  • Black color
  • American made!

Every kit includes:
One MGM Eagle Eye Switchview ™ lever, two universal fit clamp straps, connection screws - a wrench and easy to follow 3-step installation instructions.