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Blast Tamer Muzzle Brakes

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Brand: Short Action Precision

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The Blast Tamer brake was designed specifically with straight through side ports. The concept of this brake, is to prevent dust and debris from being ejected into the shooters face, and to protect the shooters from the severe concussion/blast effect of traditional angle ported brakes. The benefits of the reduced concussion/blast to the shooter means better groups and no flinching in anticipation of the shock wave. This is accomplished through port geometry that has been extensively tested.

  • 416 Stainless Steel, hardened to 30 Rockwell
  • Major decrease in felt recoil over standard muzzle brakes!
  • Clamp on version easily removable for cleaning or suppressor use.
  • No back blast! Compare to angle or radial port brakes!
  • Does not blast your Left or right shooter's face. 90 degree output.
  • Engineered by Jim See. Champion Pro shooter and Gunsmith.
  • Made in USA


Installation Instructions

3 Port Brake - brake to barrel joint can be tapered and blended for a seamless appearance. The brakes through hole is undersized and will be properly bored when your gunsmith installs it.

3 Port Clamp on Brake- install yourself on your 5/8x24 threaded barrel. Comes in .308 and 6.5/6mm size.

The Clamp on version is bored per the details below.

  • MOD 1. 6mm to 6.5mm
  • MOD 2. for .308

The clamp on brakes are 1.25" wide and 1" from top to bottom of slabs, and can not be turned down in diameter. The threads are a class 3B gauged with a 3A go/no go.