SAP Young Guns NRL 2021/22 Season Sponsorship

              We are always trying to help out the sport of long range precision tactical rifle shooting, and hopefully where it can be used the most by the shooters. This year we have decided to sponsor a Young Guns youth slot for each and every match for the NRL 2021/22 competition season! 

The requirements for the Young Guns class in the NRL are:

Young Guns will be any shooter between ages 12-18 at the time of the first match of the year. Note that a parent or guardian must be present with the shooter. The shooter may utilize their parent or guardian or any designated shooter in the squad to assist with their rifle and call corrections during the course of fire.

How does it work?

Just shoot us an email with all of these specifics listed at the bottom of this page so we can put you into our Young Guns database. Shooters may specify as many matches that they would like to be in the drawing for, but please only matches that you can actually attend to be fair to the other people in the drawing. These slots are not transferable.

How will we know who won, or if I won an entry?

We will announce on Facebook (make sure to like us on FB here!) each time that we randomly draw a winner for the match entry. If we draw your name, we will announce it on our Facebook feed as well as contact you with the supplied email address confirming that you have won a free entry on us! At that point, you will have 48 hours to confirm that you can make the match for certain, or we will draw from the list again and find another candidate. 

Can I win more than one free match entry in the 2021-22 Season?

It is possible to win more than once in a season, but in the spirit of spreading this opportunity to all the Youth Shooters, it will only be possible to win a second time in the event that all entrants for that particular match have won once already this season. 

To enter the drawing:

Please email us at with the following:

  • Young Guns Shooter Name
  • Age (if 18 must be born after 05/14/03)
  • Home Address
  • Contact Email
  • NRL Shooter # if applicable
  • Which matches that you can attend (list is here)