Send iT - Adjustable Level Mount

$ 69.99

Brand: Long Range Arms

For left handed shooters, or people who just want an alternative way to mount your Send_iT Level, we now have the LRA Adjustable Level Mount. This scope ring mount will allow you to mount the level in a Horizontal or a Vertical configuration on either side of your scope wherever you like on the main body tube. They come in a 34mm and a 30mm tube diameter version. The Adjustable Level Mounts are constructed of machined aluminum and are anodized in a Flat Black. They come with 1/4" and 1/8 " spacers for adjusting the level mount for a custom fit. The Level Mounts can be used with all LRA products, including the standard Send-iT level and the Send iT - XSL. 

Hardware torque spec 20 in lbs