Fix It Sticks Large Kit - 4 Limiters

$ 167.50

Brand: Fix It Sticks

Torque: 65/45/25/15

Fix It Sticks Field Maintenance Kit with Pouch is a compact and accurate tool set designed to be able to pack small and light, and to give you the tools necessary to work on scope and rifle action mounting and proper torquing in the field or at home. When specified torque level is reached an audible click is heard and the limiter free spins at that point. 

Kit includes:

  • 65, 45, 25, & 15 Inch Lbs miniature torque limiters
  • Set of Replaceable Fix It Sticks
  • 16 different bits
  • 1/2" Socket and 1/4" bit adapter set
  • Zippered Organizer Pouch for Whole Set
  • Extra Torque Limiters Available
  • Life of¬†Accuracy for 20,000 cycles
  • Torque Limiters are +/- 6% Accurarcy