Bix'N Andy Competition Trigger

$ 495.00

Brand: Bix'N Andy

OK, this is without a doubt the nicest trigger we could have ever dreamed of for your Remington based action platform. It is very consistent, smoother than smooth, and allows you to break that shot without any trigger over travel that could lead to a missed shot. 

The Bix’n Andy trigger uses a very unique ball bearing mechanism that allows for trigger pull weight to be set from 1oz to 1lb 9oz. The consistency of the trigger break is within 0.03 ounce tolerance! The upward force on the top sear is the lowest in the industry for s a super short lock time. We have sat in a room of pro shooters who run Jewell triggers try this trigger out and they were stunned at the difference. These triggers are designed and made in Austria to the highest standards on state of the art CNC machines resulting in the finest trigger available in precision rifle shooting today. 

The Bix'N Andy trigger is a direct “drop in” for the Remington Model 700 Action and comes with installation directions, adjustment tools and a spare parts assortment.

Models come in RH or LH Top safety, or No safety.

Installation Instructions