APA Gen III Fat Bastard Brake

$ 215.00

Brand: APA

APA took the most effective large muzzle brake on the market and made it better! The Gen III Fat Bastard muzzle brake was designed with one goal in mind, to bring some of the most effective recoil reduction to bolt action rifles. These brakes are very easy to remove and re-install by simply using a Crescent wrench. There are no crush washers, flat washers, or Loctite required.

The New Gen III Features Include:

URP (Unique Recoil Profile) Top Ports

This allows the shooter to not only combat direct recoil but muzzle rise and lateral movement based on the characteristics of their rifle, personal grip, stance and the position they are shooting from.

  • 10 tunable directional gas ports
  • 256 possible combinations on tunability
  • Top ports directly over side ports for max effectiveness


New Lock-Nut Design

• Perfect Muzzle Placement
• No Carbon Ring
• No Over Rotation
• Stronger Lock Up

  • Black nitrided finish.
  • 3.5" long
  • 7.2 oz
  • Diameter 1.10"
  • 5/8" x 24 TPI
  • Versions for 6/6.5mm and .308
  • Made in USA